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bdvibez Athletes

Introducing our esteemed ambassadors, a trio of exceptional basketball players who not only dominate on the court but also champion mental health awareness with fervor and grace. From Nick Ward, Jaylon Scott, to Dalton Bolon, each athlete brings their unique journey and unwavering dedication to the forefront of our movement. They transcend the boundaries of sports, using their platform to amplify messages of hope and healing, inspiring individuals worldwide to prioritize their mental well-being.

As ambassadors for bdvibez, they stand as beacons of strength, advocating for positive change within the basketball community and beyond, while breaking the stigma surrounding mental health challenges. Their unwavering support and commitment have helped us make significant strides in our mission to promote mental wellness and provide vital support services to those in need.

Nick Ward

Meet Nick Ward, a basketball phenom from Gahanna Lincoln High School, celebrated as an ESPN Top 30 talent and McDonald's All-American Finalist. At Michigan State University, he clinched four Big Ten titles, a Final Four appearance, and impressive milestones like 1,000 points and second all-time in blocks. Now a pro, Ward continues to dazzle on courts worldwide.

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Jaylon Scott

Jaylon, a standout both academically and athletically, excelled as a Texas 6A State Champion and District 6-6A Defensive Player of the Year. Graduating Cum Laude in 2018, he earned a BS in Business Administration at Bethel College and a Master's of Business Administration from Charleston in 2023. With numerous accolades in basketball, including KCAC Player of the Year, Jaylon embodies the perfect blend of academic and athletic prowess.

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Dalton Bolon

From high school to college, Dalton excels academically and athletically. Despite challenges, he's achieved Summa cum Laude, All-American honors, and more. Join us in celebrating his inspiring journey!

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