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Brevin Galloway

Brevin Galloway, "BREV" was born December 13, 1997 in Anderson, SC.  For those who may not know, Anderson, SC is a small town on the outskirts of another small college town, "Clemson, SC."  From his early childhood Brevin had abundant energy and a passion for the game of basketball.  He and his brother consistently attended Clemson University basketball camps and that is where his dream of one day playing basketball at the collegiate level began.   A High School basketball stand-out, Brevin was recruited by many colleges, but inevitably decided to join coach Earl Grant's rebuilding efforts at the College of Charleston.  Almost immediately, Brevin made his presence felt.  He immersed himself in the culture of CofC basketball and the city of Charleston.  His remarkable "quick release" high 3 pointer was equally as impressive as his ability to drive to the basket.  This coupled with his innate ability to connect with fans made him a superstar at the College.  After trips to the NCAA tournament and battling through "Covid years" coach Grant headed for the ACC at Boston College taking with him is 3 point sharp shooter, Brevin.  This move coincided with the NCAA adopting NIL rules and as Brevin continued to shine at BC and his personality was another instant connection with the fan base there, deals started to roll in.  Brevin's work on the court and NIL business deals off the court garnered national attention and opportunities began to present themselves.  Like most of us, life will throw us challenges, and Brevin battled them too.  He had to overcome unexpected injuries, persevere through Covid years, mental health challenges, adapt to new cities, conferences and changing teams.  After the final buzzer sounded while playing for Boston College, Brevin believed his collegiate career was over.  However, as fate would have it, he was provided one more year of eligibility and quickly turned to the town just on the outskirts from where he was raised, Clemson University.  Filled with joy and excitement, Brevin enjoyed a homecoming of epic proportions.  He played some of his best basketball of his life while wearing Orange & Purple and again, the NIL deals rolled in.  Not all were because of positive news, however.  His most infamous NIL deal occurred due to an injury where his "balls busted," this secured an underwear deal and again, national media recognition.  While Brevin enjoyed the business side of basketball, he's always been laser focused on taking his game to the highest level possible.  After finishing at Clemson, Brevin has played in Europe and now is absolutely crushing it in China where he has become a superstar in the eyes of the strong basketball fanbase.  We are grateful to introduce the BREV clothing line and we look forward to learning more about his journey along the way!