Motivational Speaking and Mentoring | Dalton Bolon

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Time 30 minutes

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Schedule a 30 or 60 minute consultation to explore opportunities for Dalton's speaking engagement at your upcoming event. Delve into harnessing resilience amidst adversity, covering themes like passion, overcoming challenges, navigating drug-related issues, and fostering mental health awareness. Additionally, inquire about group workshops and mentoring sessions available.

Skill Enhancement:

Coach Bolton's 1:1 basketball training sessions have transformed my game. With personalized attention to my strengths and weaknesses, I've
seen remarkable progress in shooting, ball handling, and overall performance. Highly recommended!

Parental Approval

As a parent, I'm impressed with the impact of Coach Bolton's 1:1 basketball training on my child. The sessions have not only improved their skills but also instilled essential values like dedication and teamwork. Grateful for the positive influence!

Game Improvement

Thanks to Dalton, I've elevated my game to new heights. The personalized workouts and expert guidance have enhanced my skills and boosted my confidence on the court. Each session is focused, productive, and incredibly rewarding.

Join Us in Supporting Mental Health Initiatives

With each hat sold, we contribute to mental health initiatives, supporting organizations that provide counselling and addiction services to young adults. We are passionate about promoting positive change and believe that together, we can make a difference.

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